WATER supply & distribution

Water supply is a critical infrastructure requirement for individual homes, industry and municipalities.  Hydrometrics’ team of engineers and water resource scientists has the experience and technical expertise to develop water supply systems at any scale from either groundwater or surface water sources.  Hydrometrics’ staff can evaluate system requirement and match those to potential supply sources from surface water and to deep groundwater wells.  Services associated with water supply development include all aspects of water resource investigations for both surface and groundwater systems, water rights and public water supply design and certification.  Hydrometrics can provide client support to develop new supply sources or to expand existing systems.  Our engineering staff can design, cost and oversee construction of pumps, lift stations, piping and other aspects of distribution systems.  Our staff of professional scientists and engineers is experienced with Montana’s regulatory requirements and the Montana DEQ and DNRC staff in Helena and regional offices.


Groundwater Development
A core competency from Hydrometrics’ inception in 1980 has been evaluation of groundwater quantity, availability and quality.  From initial conceptual evaluation of geologic units to well design, installation and testing, Hydrometrics has completed groundwater wells and supply systems ranging from a few gallons per minute to many millions of gallons per day.  Hydrometrics has conducted water availability evaluations related to sole source aquifers in intermountain basins and regional drainage basin wide modeling of complex surface water/groundwater interactions.  We have evaluated and completed groundwater supplies in alluvial, sedimentary and hard rock aquifers ranging from a few tens of feet to several thousand feet in depth.  In addition to water quantity, it is important to consider potential water quality issues in many western groundwater aquifers. 

Surface Water Development
Evaluation of surface water sources for water supply includes defining long-term water availability and utilization of obtainable data to determine the sustainability of a source to meet design demands.  Additionally, surface water sources carry a unique set of water quality issues that mesh water treatment and water supply system design.  Working as a team, Hydrometrics can coordinate supply, treatment, distribution and end user needs to supply our clients with a successful system design.

Public Water Supply
Public water supply systems have additional requirements and compliance with specific regulations.  In Montana, public water supplies are defined as systems with 15 or more connections or that serve 25 people or more per day.  Hydrometrics can provide assistance with or complete turn-key development and permitting for community and non-community, industrial and rural water district systems.  Initial well design, installation and testing provide a water source and information on available water quantity and quality.  Pump selection and piping distribution are other components that Hydrometrics’ experience can assist in completion of efficient and successful water supply systems for communities, subdivisions and industry.

Distribution System Design and Construction
Hydrometrics’ engineers can design pumping and piping solutions to bring water from its source to the end user.  Hydrometrics has designed rural water systems covering many hundreds of square miles, agricultural irrigation systems and simple single user systems.  Use of state of the art software can optimize pipe size and layout to create an efficient and cost-effective system that will minimize maintenance issues for decades of reliable service.

Wellhead Treatment
Hydrometrics has designed and provided construction oversight for wellhead treatment for public water supplies.  Wellhead treatment includes technologies to remove metals or provide bacterial control to technologies to control corrosion in the distribution systems.  Hydrometrics has the staff to evaluate and design processes and controls to effectively control conditions at the wellhead.

Hydrometrics has experience conducting a variety of investigations required for water supply development:

  • Regional Groundwater Analysis
  • Aquifer Testing
  • Well Design, Installation and Completion
  • Surface Water and Groundwater Field Investigations
  • Surface Water Flow Monitoring
  • Groundwater Modeling
  • Surface Water Modeling
  • Sole Source Aquifer Evaluations
  • Well Rehabilitation
  • Pump Design
  • Distribution Piping Design
  • Wellhead Treatment Design and Installation
  • Construction Management and Oversight
  • Water Right Evaluation and Acquisition and
  • Closed Basin Analysis and Mitigation.