Hydrometrics’ has a very high level of technical expertise that is required for development of groundwater and surface water rights.  Our extensive experience in the characterization of surface water and groundwater resources, water supply development, numerical modeling of groundwater and surface water systems, and a successful track record with water rights permitting in Montana provide the necessary tools to support our clients in their water right needs.  Hydrometrics is one of the few consultants that have been successful in obtaining permit approval for a closed basin water right in Montana. 

Hydrometrics’ Sciences Group provide the technical support to shepherd projects though the water rights process including appropriation applications for new water supply wells and various change applications. Hydrometrics has an excellent working relationship established with DNRC technical staff.  As a result of this work and our relationship with DNRC we understand the critical issues of concern in the permitting process and how to design investigations to address these issues.

Hydrologic Investigations
Hydrometrics has extensive experience in conducting hydrologic investigations for new appropriations or change applications; these include:

  • Well siting
  • Well installation and testing
  • Aquifer testing and analysis
  • Groundwater/surface water interaction
  • Surface water discharge monitoring
  • Basin wide hydrologic evaluations     

Our team of scientists and engineers provide technical assistance in preparing the numerous permits necessary for water rights, including: New groundwater and surface water appropriations, change applications and objection forms.  Hydrometrics provides many mapping and GIS services to present data for existing rights in a useful graphical format. The key aspects too many water rights include the following analysis

  • Physical and legal availability
  • Evaluation of water needs
  • Adverse effects analysis
  • Hydrologic assessment in closed basins
  • Development of mitigation plans
  • Evaluation of historic consumptive use

Contested Case Hearing
Hydrometrics’ staff provides technical expertise in contested case hearings.  Our group strives to provide creative solutions to support settlement negotiations; however if a settlement cannot be reached we provide the necessary knowledge and experience to provide expert witness testimony.

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