solid waste/landfill engineering design

Hydrometrics’ staff provides comprehensive engineering and scientific services for hazardous and solid waste facilities throughout Montana and the Western U.S.  Our services include investigation, planning, permitting, design and construction management of hazardous and solid waste landfill facilities.  We also provide environmental services that include groundwater and landfill gas monitoring, statistical data analyses and hydrogeological site investigations.

Our capabilities encompass a wide range of engineering disciplines and activities.  Our staff has extensive experience providing engineering, permitting, construction and design services for a variety of solid waste and landfill projects.  Hydrometrics has a proven record of consistently implementing reliable, cost effective solutions.  To arrive at these solutions, we, along with our clients, explore both traditional and innovative technologies.  Hydrometrics has the knowledge base and experience to work with you to apply the best available technology to your project.

Contact for More Information:
Mark Rhodes - Engineering Manager: (406) 443-4150