Hydrometrics’ team of engineers and scientists is experienced with all aspects of environmental design and investigations from remedial installations including liners for ponds and landfills, water treatment systems, vapor recovery systems, groundwater extraction and treatment systems, soil removal and treatment, remediation of hazardous waste, abandoned mine and UST sites, landfills, and demolition of large industrial buildings and stacks.  Our goal is to provide our clients with a cost effective engineering design that meets local, state and federal regulations and codes and incorporates good engineering science. 


  • RCRA, CERCLA and Brownfields Redevelopment
    • Project Management
    • Environmental Remediation
    • Design of Environmental Cover Systems
  • Hazardous and Municipal Landfills
    • Permitting
    • Investigations
    • Design of Geosynthetic Liner Systems
    • Design of Alternative Cover Systems
    • Methane Recovery Systems
  • Mine Repository Design and Monitoring
  • State Superfund and Petroleum Remediation Sites
  • Vapor Intrusion Investigation and Mitigation
  • Municipal and Industrial Water Supply and Treatment
  • PCB Remediation
  • Ag Waste Design
  • Dam and Canal Design and Restoration
  • Grading and Drainage Design
  • Construction Quality Assurance/ Quality Control Oversight
  • Construction Inspections

Contact for More Information:
Mark Rhodes
or Greg Lorenson: (406) 443-4150